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Balance Board Learning Center

Learn new exercises to try on your balance board, check your form and posture and see how StrongBoard works with physical therapy and sports training. Developed by an industry expert with almost 25 years of personal training experience, StrongBoard Balance Board was created to bring health, wellness and balance to people of all ages and fitness levels. Add any of these exercises to your workout routine to improve posture and proprioception, and to increase strength and endurance.

Introduction To StrongBoard

I have my new StrongBoard Balance …now what?
This video will teach you how to get on and off your StrongBoard safely. Once you’ve mastered that, it will take you through the Six Basic Positions.

Getting On And Off Your StrongBoard

How to Get On & Get Off StrongBoard Balance Board

Exercise On Demand

Fitness Exercises

Balance boards are a great way to attain fitness in a quick and fun workout that can be performed easily in the comfort of your own home.

Balance training with a few sets of balance board exercises are extremely beneficial in enhancing your everyday health and well-being. The biggest advantage of using a balance board in your workout routine is that it enables you to add a real element of physical stress training.

Balance board exercises are meant to improve three core areas- balance, equilibrium, and stability. Whether you are a retiree, college student or stay at home mom, a quick balance board workout is the solution for better proprioception and to get your heart rate up in just a few short minutes.

Balance board exercises have varying degrees of difficulty, and there are several exercises that you can perform on a balance board as a beginner.

Physical Therapy

In most instances of physical therapy, wherein a person is rehabilitating an injury or strengthening a weakness, we recommend StrongBoard MINI.
StrongBoard MINI functions exactly the same as StrongBoard Balance board, and offers all of the same diversity, challenges and neurological stimulation, with one exception. Its springs are 2” shorter making it less reactive, and bringing the platform closer to the ground.

Perfect for at-risk seniors, anyone living with a motor skill or neurological disorder such as Parkinson’s Disease, Cerebral Palsy or Ataxia, anyone on the Autism Spectrum, persons working with ADHD, recovering from stroke, or rehabilitating an injury, StrongBoard MINI is the go-to tool for gains in treatment and healing.

It is also an excellent alternative physical therapy aid for those individuals who require creative ways to remain strong after experiencing an above-the-elbow (AE) trans humoral, above- the-knee (AK) trans femoral surgery or Amelia. StrongBoard Balance boards have also been utilized by individuals who look to the American Orthotic and Prosthetic Association (AOPA) for innovation and advancement in strength training.

Sports Training

StrongBoard Balance shows users their balance and stability deficits in a controlled environment, allowing them to strengthen weaknesses off the field or court.
This formula makes balance awareness an innate, automatic skill during game time.
Performing drills and exercises on StrongBoard Balance provides an immediate ability to sense imbalance and to react quicker when balance is lost, resulting in injury prevention and improved reaction times.

StrongBoard Balance is the balance board pros use.