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Whether it’s the dunk, the jump shot, rebounding, or offensive and defensive play, just about every skill-set in basketball requires core-balance, power, and agility. In order to successfully and safely execute that dunk or jump shot, and rebound without injury, players need to make sure they have core balance, stability, and balance recovery. With a StrongBoard Balance board, players can achieve all of this and more.

  • Core Balance – Dynamic balance and graduated heel/toe balance recovery strength
  • Plyometrics – Leg power and aerobic capacity
  • Proprioception – For in-air core stability and centering body rotations
  • Endurance – Full cardio and fitness balance board training routines
  • Injury Prevention – Strength and stability under stress
  • Overall balance recovery

now is a better time than ever to talk about how balance training on your StrongBoard can improve your hoops game. Basketball is played on a flat surface, so why is balance training so useful in improving basketball skills?

The opponent is constantly trying to get you off balance.

Let’s take shooting the ball for example. You may be trying to create space from a defender, which means a lot of quick movements. To get a good shot off, one where you are balanced and facing the hoop, you have to regain your center of gravity quickly. Try moving in all directions on your StrongBoard, and see how quickly you can get back to full balance before taking a shot.

Rebounding is another area where you can practice on your StrongBoard. Try hopping onto your StrongBoard, wobbling around a little, and see how quickly you can get into a balanced box out position before jumping off to get the ball. This set of events simulates a defender coming behind you for the rebound, knocking you off your balance a little, before quickly recovering to box out your opponent, so you get the ball and they don’t.

For dribbling, you can dribble back and forth while transferring your weight from foot to foot in coordination with what hand you are dribbling with (left with left, right with right). Check out the video for a visual:

Next, try dribbling two balls at once while maintaining flat balance. Check out the video:

Don’t forget to have some fun and try some trick shots. See if you can do better than these guys:

Enjoy March Madness and remember to hop on your StrongBoard between timeouts to get some exercise in, almost as if you were really in the game!

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