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How to Use StrongBoard Balance Board and StrongBoard MINI

The first and most essential step in using a balance board is figuring out, “How to use a balance board?” While there’s a near infinite number of positions and exercises a user can experience, the how and why are important, and everyone will want to have a general understanding of what to expect when first using the tool. A lot of assumptions can be made without having the knowledge of purpose, so it’s good to have the basics out of the way before taking your first ride.



Before getting on, a key thing to remember is that it’s normal to feel awkward. The purpose of a balance board is to increase stability and balance by forcing you to. Your natural instincts will tell you that your first attempt is strange, but this is perfectly normal.

Getting on a Balance Board

Whichever board you use, to get on safely, you should place your first foot on the board and push it down toward the ground for stability. Next, place your other foot on the opposite side of the board, pushing down to bring the board to an equal level. At this point, your body will become hyper aware of the feeling of being unbalanced — again, this is perfectly normal. 

Positioning Your Feet

At this point, while balancing, position your feet under your shoulders, keep your shoulders in your back pockets, and slightly bend your knees while facing forward. In this first position, you should be using your core to find and hold equilibrium on the board. That aforementioned awkward sensation of feeling off kilter is the board telling you it’s working. 

StronBoard Balance All Muscle Groups

MULTI-SPRING TECHNOLOGY™ and Unlimited Dynamic Articulation™

With a tool like StrongBoard Balance and its MULTI-SPRING TECHNOLOGY™, you’re given 360 degrees of multi-planar variation around the board’s fulcrum, known as Unlimited Dynamic Articulation™ or UDA. With other balance devices that have fixed points, such as a rolling position between a left and right teeter-totter mechanism, users will easily find their equilibrium point, not engaging their muscles as much as they could. Due to the nearly unlimited angles that can be achieved with StrongBoard Balance, all muscle groups can be singled out and activated simultaneously. A full-body workout is achieved while burning more calories in less time. With the board’s unique engineering making it impossible to achieve full stabilization, total muscle engagement increases strength gains, endurance, and improved reaction times.

It’s never too late to hop on board. Make your first stability training experience the best with StrongBoard Balance, and ensure a lifelong journey of positive bodily health benefits.