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Robert Jekabson, 18-year boxing veteran, demonstrates how to adjust re-activity & balance in boxing on StrongBoard Balance Board in the following video.

Exercises Featured Include:
– Partner Workout: Combination Jab Right: Working on Slipping Punches
– Power Stability Plank on StrongBoard
– Interval Training with Dumbbells on StrongBoard Balance Board
– Wall Tosses with StrongBoard

Robert Jekabson is a professional boxer and actor born in Riga, Latvia. He and his family were political refugees and moved to Chicago, IL in 1989, where he took up boxing at an early age. He is a 3 time Chicago Golden Gloves Champion and participated in the 2012 Olympic Trials. He has over 70 amateur boxing fights and is also a professional boxer. He has studied acting in Chicago and Los Angeles. Since 2013 he has resided in Los Angeles, CA.

Regular use of StrongBoard Balance is proven to improve balance, proprioception, reaction time, agility and endurance as well as increase strength in core and stabilizing muscle groups.

Other professional fighters and mixed martial artists who have used or endorsed StrongBoard Balance include Uriah Hall, Abisai Lopez, Daniel Straus, Tony “El CuCuy” Ferguson, Gabriel Varga, and Derrick Kennington.

StrongBoard Balance board is a proud supporter of both the UFC and Bellator.

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