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Football Balance Training

Balance is an essential ingredient in football: without it, players are not able to effectively guide the ball across the field, or turn quickly enough to avoid the other team’s defense. With balance, core strength, and stability of the lower back and abdomen, fundamental football skills such as blocking and tackling, passing, and catching can improve. By developing these basic skills, players can take their game to the next level.

Man using free weights and StrongBoard Balance Board to develop a stronger core and lift more

How StrongBoard Works

Regular use of StrongBoard Balance Board will:

  • Increase strength in core and stabilizing muscle groups
  • Improve reaction time and agility
  • Strengthen proprioceptors
  • Target primary and secondary muscle groups elevating speed and power
  • Strengthen weaknesses to prevent injury
  • Heal, open and create neuropathways for effective mind-body communication

Here are 3 exercises on StrongBoard Balance board for our football athletes:

  1. Weighted Squats on StrongBoard Balance

Squats strengthen the glutes and quads. Adding weight and performing them on StrongBoard Balance will engage your core and stabilizing muscles in ways you never thought possible, thus increasing your strength and reaction time. These improvements will transition to game day!

  1. StrongBoard Balance Meets the Battle Ropes

Battle ropes are killer. They strengthen our arms, chest, back and core, and doing them in a semi-squat engages our glutes and quads. Keeping those ropes moving also requires some serious cardio vascular strength. All in all, this equals a full-body workout. When you add StrongBoard Balance to the mix, you can expect to improve your agility and proprioception after just one workout.

  1. Single-Leg Deadlift with Press on StrongBoard Balance

Single leg deadlifts with a weighted press on StrongBoard will work every muscle in your body. As unilateral exercises improve rate of force and contribute to overall power, this is a necessity on the field. Single leg training can increase hamstring length which increases sprint time and metabolic conditioning. When you do this on an unstable surface you engage more core and more stabilizing muscles giving you greater results in less time. Additionally, single leg exercises allow persons to train around an injury, they correct left-right asymmetries, and they improve balance and proprioception. Performing any exercises on StrongBoard Balance board will stimulate a stronger neural response because its multi-spring technology requires extra communication between the brain and muscles.


Choose Your StrongBoard

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