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Farm Tough Hockey and StrongBoard Balance Board

Hockey is a physically and mentally demanding sport, requiring superior athleticism, speed, and strategy. Imagine racing at your maximum speed, controlling a puck, fighting off your competition and scoring goals with a stick, all while on skates! Players must train their cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, and balancing systems for peak performance. Hockey is a total-body workout. Players must focus on training their upper and lower body while focusing on their core strength and trunk rotation. The use of StrongBoard Balance will give players the edge by creating instability similar to skating.

StrongBoard Balance Benefits for Hockey Stability Training:

  • Balance – Recruit balance recovery muscles and strengthen ligaments and tendons surrounding high stress areas, like knees and ankles
  • Core Strengthening – Core muscles assist in spine stabilization, which supports better balance and improved overall performance
  • Flexibility – Support for bent knee spinning, control, and landings
  • Plyometrics – Increase upper and lower body power
  • Quicker reactiveness
  • Improved coordination


Image courtesy of Farm Tough Hockey.
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