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Skateboarding Balance Training

Skateboarding and StrongBoard Balance Board 2

The trifecta of balance, equilibrium and stability will give anyone the mad skillz required for awesome skateboarding.

What does that mean and how can StrongBoard Balance board help? Well, let’s break it down!

Why SkateBoarding Requires Balance Training

Balance is the ability to control equilibrium (either static or dynamic).

Equilibrium is a state of zero acceleration where there is no change in the speed or direction of the body. An essential feature of all movement is the need to keep the body in stable equilibrium, so that we do not fall over while the body is changing its position.

            Static equilibrium is when the body is at rest or completely motionless.

            Dynamic equilibrium is when all the applied & inertial forces acting on
            the moving body are in balance, resulting in movement with unchanging
            speed & direction.

Stability is the resistance to a change in the body’s acceleration, or the resistance to a disturbance of the body’s equilibrium. Stability can be enhanced by determining one’s center of gravity and changing its position.

Gravity is a constant downward force acting at the center of a body segment.

Center of gravity is the point at which all of the body’s mass (weight) is equally balanced. It changes position during movement: Lifting the arms raises center of gravity, while bending the knees lowers it. 

Proprioception is the awareness and coordination of all body parts.Skateboarding and StrongBoard Balance Board

StrongBoard Balance Board

Training with StrongBoard Balance for better skateboarding balance provides an unstable surface for users to challenge balance while their center of gravity shifts.

This training will strengthen proprioception, so everything is working in tandem to keep skaters on their boards. Since skateboarders use their entire body when skateboarding, this is an ideal practice concept to keep all muscles in tune with one another, while also strengthening core and stabilizing muscles.

How To Train for Skateboarding

Regular use of StrongBoard Balance board will also increase reaction time; if you slip or start to falter, a StrongBoard-trained body will naturally kick into responsive action to prevent a fall.

In reality, balance training is actually training for subconscious balance recovery: the human body can lose balance while skateboarding, and most other activities, very easily. StrongBoard offers many benefits when implemented into any skateboarding training regimen.


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