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BaseballEverybody knows it takes strength, power, and hand-eye coordination skills to excel in baseball. Accurate hand-eye coordination can make or break the skill level of any baseball player, whether it’s hitting, fielding, or base running. The ability to coordinate hand-eye movement and foot-eye movement with effective power separates a good player from the best at every level of the sport. In addition to hand-eye coordination, players also need to have good balance combined with core strength. Like anything else that’s built solid, it must be build from the ground up; the same holds true for baseball players. With core balance stability, true power, and eye-hand coordination, players will be unstoppable on the field.

StrongBoard Balance Benefits in Baseball Balance Training:

  • Plyometrics – leg power and aerobic capacity
  • Balance Training – Recruit balance recovery muscles and strengthen ligaments and tendons surrounding high-stress areas, like knees and ankles
  • Core Strengthening – Core muscles assist in spine stabilization, which supports better balance and improved overall performance
  • Quicker reactiveness
  • Improved coordination

Choose Your StrongBoard

  • StrongBoard MINI®

  • StrongBoard Balance® Board