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Blog Keeping A Balanced And Healthy Lifestyle

Keeping A Balanced And Healthy Lifestyle

Rachael Novello on StrongBoard Balance Board

When it comes to achieving your health and fitness goals, a balanced and healthy lifestyle goes hand in hand with your workout regimen.

We reached out to a few of our StrongBoard trainers as well as the owner and creator, Mike Curry, to share some of their healthy lifestyle tips.

Karyl Sands on StrongBoard Balance BoardStrongBoard instructor, Karýl Sands, is a personal trainer and teaches StrongBoard classes all over LA. Karýl believes in drinking a gallon of water a day, no excuses allowed! The benefits are better looking skin, healthier functioning organs, keeps you fuller longer, and helps you avoid dehydration. Another tip from Karýl is eat more veggies! Vegetables provide nutrients that help your body to be more efficient. They help your digestive system work properly and are a great form of carbohydrate. If you can’t eat enough veggies, use a green powder in a shake.



Rachael Novello on StrongBoard Balance Board - Balanced and Healthy LifestyleStrongBoard ambassador and mother of two, Rachael Novello, is a certified personal trainer and owner of The Simply Fit Studio in Massachusetts. Rachael believes getting enough sleep to keep a balanced and healthy lifestyle. She says to aim for 8 hours of sleep a night. Try to go to bed and wake up at the same time every day. Our bodies recover and rejuvenate during sleep, it’s truly the only time during the day that it does. Lack of sleep has been shown to cause chronic health problems, including but not limited to, memory problems, moodiness, depression, weakened immune system and even heart disease. She also says to stop dieting! Eating healthy doesn’t mean giving up your favorite treats. Just make sure to focus on eating a balance of proteins, complex carbohydrates, fiber and healthy fats.


Mike Curry on StrongBoard Balance BoardOwner and creator of StrongBoard Balance, Mike Curry, is all about motivation, dedication, and consistency. Try listening to music when you work out. It will help you to stay focused. Develop a routine first. Most will agree that it’s not easy to be consistent at first, but just tell yourself to go to the gym and work out. One workout at a time and you’ll discover it’s not so hard to stay on track. Be dedicated to your program and know though it may take some time and some hurdles, you CAN do this. Would you rather look back a year from now and wish you had made the commitment to health or look back and say, “Wow! That was a challenging year but look at me now!”

There is a balance for a healthy lifestyle, you just have to find what works for you.

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