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StrongBoard Balance is pleased to offer a variety of fitness classes throughout California, Massachusetts, and Wisconsin, including StrongBoard BURN!®, StrongBoard MOMMAS!®, StrongBoard YOGA FUSION, StrongBoard SCULPT, StrongBoard BARRE, StrongBoard SENIORS, StrongBoard BOOTCAMP!®, and StrongBoard CIRCUIT!®.

All StrongBoard Group X classes will immediately challenge students, pushing them outside their comfort zones.

Utilizing StrongBoard Balance for the entire class, trained instructors provide high-intensity, body sculpting exercises to expedite caloric burn, strengthen the core and improve proprioception with traditional exercises including squats, push-ups, plank rows, lunges, and plyometrics.

A perfect blend of cardio, balance, and strength training, StrongBoard group exercise will take attendees to the next level in a supportive group environment, yielding immediate results and strength gains after only one class. Fitness classes are designed to fit every goal, whether it’s weight loss, muscle tone enhancement, or an improvement of overall health by way of increased proprioception, dynamic stability, strength, and balance.

  • Achievable for all age groups
  • Can accommodate large groups, as well as individuals and small groups
  • Specialized classes may integrate other fitness regimes such as Yoga, Sculpting, Lifting, Pilates, Barre, Tabata, boxing, and many more!
  • Full body, dynamic workout
  • Offers short classes targeting specific muscle groups such as StrongBoard Abs, StrongBoard Glutes, StrongBoard Legs, StrongBoard Chest, Back and Arms, and many more!
  • Easy to follow choreography so students can work at their own level
  • Custom routines

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