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Blog Importance of Balance as an Integral Element of Physical Therapy in Senior Fitness

Importance of Balance as an Integral Element of Physical Therapy in Senior Fitness

StrongBoard Balance Board Physical Therapy in Senior Fitness


Physical therapy is beneficial for people of all ages be it young or old. It can help senior citizens in retaining their independence and improving their overall health and mobility. With age, people start losing their strength, flexibility and often their balance, which leads to falls and serious injuries. Falls are one of the major reasons why senior citizens require physical fitness. Bringing a balance tool into the physical therapy helps in improving these functions leading to fewer injuries and falls. StrongBoard MINI does just that.

The main motto of physical therapy is to help restore and improve functionality, reduce pain, and increase mobility and range of motion for better strength and balance. Physical therapy in senior fitness has a variety of benefits which can include not only gaining strength and balance, but also providing a renewed sense of confidence. It has several other benefits such as-

Improves mobility- As an older individual, if you are facing trouble standing, walking or moving, no matter your age. Exercises on StrongBoard MINI can help rebuild the connections between mind and body to help reduce these problems. Improving your proprioception through balance training is a great way to improve your reactivity thus reduces the possibility of falling. Exercising on StrongBoard MINI will help with flexibility and mobility.

Stroke recovery- It is common to lose some degree of function and movement after a stroke. Including balance into your physical therapy helps in strengthening where atrophy has occurred. A stroke damages the brain and weakens the messages your eyes, ears, and muscles are sending to the neurological system. StrongBoard MINI will help create new neuromuscular pathways and rebuild damage ones. Balance training will also improve proprioception, coordination, and overall balance.

Improve your balance and prevent falls- Once you begin with physical therapy you will get screened for slip fall risks. And, if you’re at a higher risk for falls, physical therapists will provide exercises that safely and carefully challenge your balance. Therapists also help you with exercises to improve mind-body connection and coordination to help with safer walking.

Avoid surgery- Balance training helps you eliminate pain or heal from an injury and in some cases, surgery may not be needed. And even if surgery is required, you may benefit from pre-surgery physical therapeutic balance training.

On a closing note, using StrongBoard MINI in the physical therapy field can give seniors back their independence. Working with a physical therapist will not only help reduce pain, it will also help improve overall strength. StrongBoard MINI proves to be a versatile tool that improves proprioception, posture and reduces the risk for injuries, helping you maintain a higher quality of life.

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