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StrongBoard Balance and Physical Therapy: Perfect Together for Rehabilitation and Gains


As a Physical Therapist, you’re constantly challenged to help your clients move to new levels of healing and wellness.


Your clients rely on you to bring them to new levels of physical movement, stability and to reduce pain. You’re constantly challenged to find safe, effective ways to enable their progression through the healing process and prevent new injuries.


Physical Therapy Balance Board

Imagine a versatile tool that improves proprioception, posture and balance, and helps prevent future injury.

As a Physical Therapist, you can utilize StrongBoard Balance to help increase your patient’s flexibility, range of motion, balance and strength all at the same time.

On the StrongBoard Balance Board, the need to balance is a direct result of your own applied body weight. This opens up neural pathways which restores oxygen and blood flow to the injured area while communicating with the brain, strengthening those neural pathways.

Repeated exercises will rebuild and strengthen muscles, as well as connect the pathway between your brain and the injured muscle, repairing the connection to a pre-injury state.


StrongBoard MINI For Physical Therapy

As your clients gain strength and reduce pain in the injured area, their range of motion will increase, improving blood flow which brings oxygen to expedite the healing process.

Balancing also improves Proprioception around the ligaments and tendons joints and tendons. The stronger those are, the less chance of injury.

StrongBoard MINI®:

  • Featuring 4” compression springs, StrongBoard MINI® is 2” shorter than StrongBoard Balance.
  • Its’ innovative design offers the same functions as StrongBoard Balance but with more rigidity, making it easier to use while still providing a full range of motion and 360 degrees of tilt.
  • Perfect for seniors, those who are afraid of heights, or living with a neurological disorder,StrongBoard MINI® is portable and electricity-free.
  • Its platform rests upon four compression springs, allowing individuals to train using their own body weight for resistance during full-motion exercises.

StrongBoard Balance Board Mini

Get the StrongBoard MINI® now and see improvements in your clients’ proprioception, balance and muscle tone right away.

Don’t wait to add new variety to your therapies. Get your StrongBoard Balance Board now and see new gains for your clients and inspire them to have fun while strengthening their core, and preventing new injuries.

  • StrongBoard MINI®


Justin R. Snead,
P.T., D.P.T.


“I use StrongBoard in the rehabilitation of my patients suffering from a wide variety of injuries to the spine, hips, knees, ankles and shoulder.  It has helped to strengthen my patients’ core, lower and upper extremity strength as well as improve their balance and proprioception.  I have personally seen improved functional outcomes with the patients that use StrongBoard.  I recommend the StrongBoard to all my patients and colleagues.”

Order My StrongBoard MINI®

Patients Report Gains in Recovery with Strong Board Balance

Users of the StrongBoard Balance Board continue to praise the innovative board for its ability to help them regain balance and strength when recovering from injury or surgery. StrongBoard MINI® is low impact and comprised of sturdy, state of the art material, making it safe for everyone to use in a controlled environment with a licensed physical therapist.

Daniel D Woo, reviewing the board on Amazon, wrote, “It’s been a significant help with building core muscles and balance in recovery from a total left hip replacement surgery.”

After four weeks in the hospital recovering from colon cancer, Owen E Gibson wrote, “It [was] obvious very quickly how much [balance and strength] I had lost. I went from no balance and low core and leg strength to better than I was prior to the surgery in 6 months.”


StrongBoard Balance Workout Videos

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