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Blog Senior Fitness: Few Balance Training Exercises

Senior Fitness: Few Balance Training Exercises

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Exercises play an important role in strengthening our muscles and bones, maintaining an ideal shape and reducing the risk of several heart-related diseases. However, these become more vital as we age.

When we get older our muscles weaken and we become more susceptible to certain types of injuries. With falls being a leading cause of injury in senior citizens, the importance of balance training cannot be overstated. Balance training is particularly crucial for seniors as it is the best way to stay active and prevent falls.

There are three essential senses which help us in balancing our body and keeping the right posture-

  • Visual (what we see)
  • Proprioception (spatial orientation)
  • Vestibular (Information from inner ear)

As we grow older, these senses gradually become weak and less reliable and hence require a more conscious effort to improve one’s balance. Balance boards provide one of the best training exercises for seniors as they help to improve balance and coordinate the muscles. Thankfully, there are a wide range of functional training exercises which can help improve your balance.

Balance board exercisesThere are a variety of balance board exercises with different levels of difficulty to help you train. Once you get the hang of them, these exercises can be an easy and a fun part for daily routine workouts.

Standing on one leg- Since growing older weakens bones and muscles, we have to do all that we can to strengthen them. Start off standing on one foot for 10 seconds and repeat it with switching leg. Once you are completely comfortable try to work your way up to 1 minute on each foot.

Heel-toe walk- Try walking a few steps first on your heel and then toes.

So, reduce your risk of injuries by starting today. Remember, just a few simple daily exercises can keep you steady for years to come.


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