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Blog Workouts for Depression and Anxiety with StrongBoard Balance Board

Workouts for Depression and Anxiety with StrongBoard Balance Board

Suffering from symptoms directly related to anxiety and/or depression can be an incredibly debilitating experience. Even simple tasks can feel insurmountable when weighed down by extreme lethargy and an overwhelming sense of despair. In such moments, it’s natural to yearn for relief, but often, unhealthy short-term solutions are chosen, offering temporary calm without directly addressing the root of the illnesses. 

While small dopamine bursts may provide momentary comfort, they fail to meet the genuine needs of both body and mind, potentially leading to unhealthy dependencies and exacerbating the situation. Fortunately, there is a more holistic approach available: using StrongBoard Balance Board‘s diverse range of exercises. Discovering a regimen that works for you can pave the way for lasting improvements in managing depression and anxiety, addressing their effects head-on.


The Power of Exercise in Alleviating Anxiety and Depression

Exercise and the Release of Endorphins


The evidence for fitness alleviating depression and anxiety symptoms lies both in science and rational reasoning. When the body begins to move in a way that forces the heart to pump faster, it naturally releases good-feeling endorphins. Think of it as a way of your brain tricking itself into thinking it’s enjoying the experience of working hard, but by forcing this, you get accustomed to associating the feeling of this endorphin rush with exercise. Believe it or not, adding just a little bit of exercise into your everyday routine will eventually make you crave it, just as one does with unhealthy dopamine-releasing urges. Imagine the pleasure center of your brain getting the same treatment from exercise as you normally would have gotten from alcohol, a candy bar, or endless scrolling!

The Present Moment and Exercise


A typical suggestion for alleviating anxiety and depression symptoms is practicing mindful meditation or simply applying small routines like naming things within the current residing environment to pull one back into the moment. Similarly, engaging in exercise or anything that puts your body in repetitive motion forces you to live within that moment by involuntary participation. Call it the ultimate distraction – while your mind can wander while engaging in an exercise routine, it’s much less likely to feel the physical symptoms of anxiety since the body is already in full engagement. If not anxious, the act of doing allows you to focus on the now and get your mind off of outside thoughts and distractions.


Achieving a Healthier Lifestyle with Exercise


When exercise becomes a regular part of a day-to-day routine, a significant confidence boost comes with the feeling of accomplishment as well as the physical and mental benefits. You feel better, and that’s what truly matters. While daily fitness and exercise aren’t a cure-all by any means, it’s enormously beneficial when combined with medically prescribed and suggested assistance.

StrongBoard Balance Exercises 


Incorporating StrongBoard Balance Board into your exercise routine can enhance your workouts and contribute to a healthier and more fulfilling lifestyle. By taking small steps and committing to a low-risk exercise regimen, such as five sit-ups or five minutes of workout each day, you can make remarkable progress. StrongBoard supports your journey towards improved mental and physical well-being, one step at a time.


Remember, exercise is not a substitute for professional medical assistance. Consult your healthcare provider for personalized advice and treatment options tailored to your specific needs.

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