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Blog How to Strengthen Your Core and Burn Belly Fat without Sit Ups or Crunches

How to Strengthen Your Core and Burn Belly Fat without Sit Ups or Crunches

Burn Belly Fat With No Sit Ups

While crunches and sit-ups can strengthen your abs, they tend to fall flat everywhere else. 

For many fitness enthusiasts and those just starting out in the world of exercise, hitting the core adeptly is an enormous priority. Whether you are seeking perfect abs, want to get rid of stubborn belly fat, or simply strengthen those essential muscles to relieve back pain, core routines are a main fitness goal across a myriad of workout routines.

Are Crunches and Sit Ups Worth It?

While many folks believe crunches and sit-ups are the tried-and-true method to get abs and burn belly fat, they are not.

They do target the necessary muscles, but they don’t burn fat efficiently. Remember, there is no such thing as spot reduction. And even if you are intentionally targeting your abdominals, it’s always best to establish a workout that is broad enough to give your entire body some benefit.

In fact, crunches can often do more harm than good. Sit ups can lead to significant back and neck strain that will affect future workouts and the quality of your daily life. While having a strong core is great for overall health, you don’t want to trade your form, technique or spine to achieve this. 

StrongBoard Balance and Burning Belly Fat

Which leads to the million dollar question: How can I build a strong core and burn belly fat without hurting my back? 

Enter StrongBoard Balance® and StrongBoard MINI®.

One of the many wonders of StrongBoard Balance is how versatile it is. It will isolate and target your entire core musculature, while providing a full body workout and supporting proper spine

alignment in every position. The neck and back muscles that are being strained during an overload on crunches or sit-ups are strengthened directly while working out with StrongBoard.

How To Use StrongBoard Balance Board

When using StrongBoard in any exercise, you automatically activate a multitude of muscles just trying to stabilize. Since it’s impossible to actually stabilize on StrongBoard, your body is constantly working to find its own equilibrium. The instability created, once you stand on the platform and compress the springs, forces the most intricate muscles around the joints to engage.

This will aid in the development of better posture, building on (and maintaining) essential core muscles for everyday life, and providing a complete and well-rounded workout. And because you are working so many muscle groups simultaneously, your body is on a calorie burning mission to deliver mass amounts of oxygenated blood to those working muscles. 

The endless versatility of StrongBoard allows for an everyday exercise routine that always aims for more. Anyone who is diving headfirst into exercise should consider a routine that does a lot with a little, and StrongBoard Balance is exactly that: a top-of-the-line tool that takes every workout to its maximum potential. It trains the entire body, central nervous system and expedites calorie burn. 


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