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Blog Upper Body Training with StrongBoard Balance

Upper Body Training with StrongBoard Balance

A common misconception about balance board workouts is that the upper body gets left out. This is because the first image that comes to mind is usually of a person standing atop the balance board. While this reflects most balance trainers’ capability, StrongBoard Balance has a vast range of utility, including upper body conditioning. 

StrongBoard Upper Body Workouts

The board was designed with versatility in mind: How can a stability trainer be the only tool someone needs for their home gym? It starts with how StrongBoard is different from the rest of the stability trainers on the market. Most trainers on the market are air-filled and are limited in movement. StrongBoard balance board is made to be simultaneously discreet enough not to take up too much room in a living space while having a significant advantage for adequate upper body training. 


Take a push-up, for example; performing a push-up on the floor allows you to use your major muscle groups to take yourself through that exercise’s concentric and eccentric phase. Now, doing a push-up on StrongBoard allows the same muscle engagement AND, in addition, all your smaller intricate stabilizing muscles along with your core to assist in the push-up. The StrongBoard accomplishes this by adding instability into the mix, making your muscles work harder to complete the same task. 

Bosu Boards vs. StrongBoard Balance for Upper Body

StrongBoard balance board superior benefits include a flat balance surface (which protects your joints), full range of motion due to our multi-spring technology, and requires total core engagement. Learning to balance and stabilize on StrongBoard’s flat platform also has applications across many surfaces and is proven to improve reaction time in real life situations.


With air-filled domes, the dome side is curved and can cause excessive pronation or supination to your ankles or wrists. The range of motion is dependent on the amount of air in the ball, and core engagement is actually limited with this device. Learning to balance on an air-filled dome  also doesn’t translate very well into balancing on other surfaces.


Exercise on Demand with StrongBoard

Looking at StrongBoard’s vast Exercise on Demand Channel is enough evidence to second guess buying an air-filled bladder to get the results you desire. With hundreds of finely tuned and precisely targeted workouts designed to hit whatever muscle group you’re targeting, StrongBoard is the go-to for an effective home workout. Additionally, the channel offers long-form flows allowing anyone to do a multifaceted full-body activity. 

Close Grip Pushups Targeting Upper Body and Core


One way to utilize StrongBoard in your upper body workout is to target your triceps, chest, and shoulders with Lateral/Close Grip Push-Ups. In addition to hitting that upper body, it’s sure to work your core just as hard. By going full plank laterally with your grip on both ends of the StrongBoard, reps of pushups will surely make you tank top ready.


Another surefire way to hit your abs, obliques, shoulders, lower back, and chest is with Plank Pose Knee Kicks. With your palms facing down on the StrongBoard platform and your body in the plank position with feet on sliders, bring your leg up one at a time until you’re bringing your knee to your chest, and swap. Repeat as desired for a full-body burn. These exercises and more can be found on the Exercise on Demand Channel

Why Balance Training is Important in Upper Body Workouts 


Studies have shown that incorporating cardio and strength training is essential for a structured workout, and StrongBoard has made it so you can do it both efficiently and effectively. The size and weight of StrongBoard Balance make on-the-fly workouts in any space a breeze to ensure you’re getting the most out of a daily fitness routine.


It’s easy to forget about the upper body when using StrongBoard when it’s already highly efficient as a stability trainer, but make no mistake, while introducing balance improvement in everyday life is essential, using it StrongBoard as aerobic and anaerobic exercise will make the most out of the balance board. 


While trying to get a comprehensive workout, or even upper body gains, with most stability trainers is going to prove difficult, StrongBoard Balance has you covered. With thousands of possible movements and endless variations of said routines, there’s no telling how many options are available to take any fitness regime to the next level. 


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