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Blog StrongBoard and Muscle Progression

StrongBoard and Muscle Progression

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Muscle Confusion is a hot topic these days. Popular training programs tell their followers “mixing things up” is a great way to get bigger, stronger, and faster. Like we talked about last week, variety in a workout is a good thing, as it keeps things from getting stale, providing motivation and a new sense of energy to a workout routine. There’s not anything inherently wrong with muscle confusion, but it is overblown. Muscle progression is what you should aim for if you wish to reach your goals. What is muscle progression and how do you get it?

Muscle progression is simply lifting more weight, completing more reps, or completing a workout quicker. Muscle progression is really the only way you get bigger, faster, and stronger. While muscle confusion may make you feel sore (making you think you got a great workout), soreness is really only an indicator your body isn’t used to the exercise.

StrongBoard is great for muscle progression. Almost any workout you can think of can be made harder by using your StrongBoard. It provides the variety and challenge to give your workout a jolt of energy, while also making everything harder. Doing squats with dumbbells on a flat surface can be made more challenging while on StrongBoard due to the imbalance of the board, while also having to focus on stability and form. You may even have to go to a lower weight at first while you get used to the increased difficulty.

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