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Blog Mix Things Up with StrongBoard’s Exercise of the Week

Mix Things Up with StrongBoard’s Exercise of the Week

StrongBoard Balance Board Exercise of the Week

Sometimes it’s easy to get into a routine, and do the same exercises over and over again. Consistency is great, but exercising can get boring and your results can plateau if you don’t mix things up. According to a University of Florida study, participants had greater adherence to working out when they had variety in their exercise routine.

Our YouTube channel has a lot of new exercises to try. Click here to subscribe for updates and ideas, as we’re constantly finding new ways to use StrongBoard!

One of the things which sets StrongBoard apart from other balance boards is every time you step on, you are engaging your muscles in a different way, since the board is always moving in different ways. It offers 360 degrees of range and it will never stay level when weight is applied, so you can never achieve total stabilization.

This week’s exercise of the week is, “Shouldering.” Try it out to see what we mean.

Start by standing on StrongBoard Balance with your feet wide, against the platform handles, with a slight bend in your knees. Keep your chest up, shoulders in your back pockets, and abs engaged. Hold one weighted plate in both hands, and bend your knees until you are in semi-squat position. Hold the semi-squat position as you raise the plate over your left shoulder, crossing your body. Bring plate back to center, then raise the plate over your right shoulder, crossing your body. Repeat for the desired amount of repetitions.

Begin with a light weight until you are comfortable, and move up to heavier weights when ready for more of a challenge.

Once you’ve mastered the exercise, try it by standing on one foot in the center of StrongBoard with a slight bend in your knee.

Check out the video below for visual instruction:


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