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Blog StrongBoard Balance and Yoga Practice

StrongBoard Balance and Yoga Practice

StrongBoard Balance Board Yoga Practice

The tree pose (pictured below) is one of many yoga poses, also known as asanas, made more challenging by StrongBoard Balance. Yoga practice encourages balance, alignment, and awareness in the body while stimulating the mind, which is why it is ideal to enliven a stale routine, and challenge yourself.


So how does StrongBoard benefit yoga practice? StrongBoard benefits the Yogi by assisting in strengthening the core muscles for increased spine stabilization, and strengthening ligaments and tendons around high stress areas (knees and ankles), which supports better balance and overall performance. Additional benefits are improved coordination, flexibility, anaerobic capacity, and muscle endurance.

A beginner can use StrongBoard Balance to establish proper alignment of the spine and stability of the ankles, hips, shoulders, and core. It’s recommended to start off with basic poses, even for an expert (at least initially) when beginning yoga on StrongBoard. Poses like the plank, downward facing dog, and warrior 1, 2, and 3 are all good poses to start off with. The advanced Yogi, after adjusting to StrongBoard, can go for more intricate poses such as tree, headstand, and wheel.

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