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Press Releases

3/29/22 – Elevate your Exercise Moves with StrongBoard Balance® on Facebook LIVE March 30: Download PDF || Read Text

3/21/22 – StrongBoard Balance® Holds LIVE Facebook Event March 22 at 4:30 PM PT: Download PDF || Read Text

3/12/21 – StrongBoard Balance® Invites Everybody to Participate in its Amateur Photo Contest: Download PDF || Read Text

12/30/20 – StrongBoard Balance® Adds Stickers and GIFs to GIPHY: Download PDF || Read Text

10/20/20 – StrongBoard Balance® Encourages Voting with Social Media Campaign: Download PDF || Read Text

9/15/20 – StrongBoard Balance® Adds Flows to its Exercise on Demand Channel: Download PDF || Read Text

8/25/20 – StrongBoard Balance® Available for Purchase on New Website: Download PDF || Read Text

8/18/20 – StrongBoard Balance® Certification Courses Available Online: Download PDF || Read Text

7/25/18 – StrongBoard Balance® Uses Science to Take Balance and Stability Training to New Levels: Download PDF || Read Text

2/14/18 – StrongBoard Balance® Cited for its Effectiveness in Certified Magazine: Download PDF || Read Text

8/23/17 – StrongBoard Balance® Partners with STROOPS® to Offer StrongStrap Resistance Band Training System: Download PDF || Read Text

7/18/17 – Sage Yoga Adds StrongBoard Balance® for New Yoga Fusion Class Beginning July 21: Download PDF || Read Text
2/8/17 – StrongBoard Balance® Sponsors Auburn Fit’s Zac Hersh at Fourmidable 50K Race: Download PDF || Read Text
2/6/17 – StrongBoard Balance® Offers Course at Auburn Fit on February 19: Download PDF || Read Text
1/24/17 – StrongBoard Balance® Offers Course January 28 in Murrieta, CA: Download PDF || Read Text
12/6/16 – Santa Monica’s Drive Cardio Adds StrongBoard Balance® to Its Innovative Fitness Program: Download PDF || Read Text
9/20/16 – StrongBoard Balance® Offers ‘Zero Gravity Training’ Class in Irvine: Download PDF || Read Text
5/24/16 – StrongBoard Balance® to Exhibit at IDEA World Convention 2016 in Los Angeles: Download PDF || Read Text
4/25/16 – IRON Fitness Kicks Off Brentwood Gym Grand Opening with Two StrongBoard Balance® Classes: Download PDF || Read Text
4/22/16 – StrongBoard Balance® to Exhibit at the NSCA Tactical Strength & Conditioning Annual Training Show: Download PDF || Read Text
4/4/16 – StrongBoard Balance® Named ‘Best New Fitness Equipment – 2016’ by Download PDF || Read Text
3/16/16 – StrongBoard Balance® Course Now Accredited by NASM & AFAA for CEU’s: Download PDF || Read Text
2/11/16 – StrongBoard Balance® Expands Its Reach to Physical Therapy Market: Download PDF || Read Text
1/19/16 – StrongBoard Balance® Now Offering ACE Accredited Course with Continuing Education Credits (CECs): Download PDF || Read Text
1/12/16 – StrongBoard Balance® Offers Time Payment Financing to Personal Trainers, Instructors, & Gyms: Download PDF || Read Text
1/07/16 – StrongBoard Balance® is ‘Yogi Approved’: Download PDF || Read Text
12/22/15 – StrongBoard Balance® Named Best Buy Stability Product for 2016 by Download PDF || Read Text
12/08/15 – StrongBoard Balance® Inks 1st Endorsement Deal with MMA Star Uriah Hall: Download PDF || Read Text
10/26/15 – The Creators of StrongBoard Balance® Are Excited to Announce the Release of StrongBoard Mini™: Download PDF || Read Text
10/02/15 – StrongBoard Balance® to Air Fitness Class on Periscope: Download PDF || Read Text
8/04/15 — StrongBoard Balance® Group Exercise Classes Now Offered in Bakersfield & Wildomar CA: Download PDF || Read Text
7/28/15 – StrongBoard Balance® Now Available with Green Compression Springs: Download PDF || Read Text
7/13/15 – StrongBoard Balance® Creator Mike Curry Teaches the Benefits of Balance Training at IDEA Fit: Download PDF || Read Text
6/03/15 – StrongBoard Balance® to Exhibit & Host Session at IDEA World Fit Convention 2015: Download PDF || Read Text
6/01/15 – StrongBoard Balance® Is ‘One of the Best Workout Tools Available Today,’ Reports Download PDF || Read Text
5/12/15 – StrongBoard Balance® Featured in May/June Issue of Vegan Health & Fitness Magazine: Download PDF || Read Text
2/18/15 – StrongBoard Balance® Named one of 2015’s Top Training Tools by ACE Fitness Blog: Download PDF || Read Text
2/04/15 – StrongBoard Balance® Valentine’s Day Contest Offers Lovers a Chance to Get Fit: Download PDF || Read Text
1/12/15 – StrongBoard Balance® Website Re-Designed with More Interactive Features: Download PDF || Read Text
1/05/15 – StrongBoard Balance® Celebrates New Year with Empowering, Self-Loving Contest: Download PDF || Read Text
12/09/14 – StrongBoard Balance® Continues Holiday Fitness Promotion with Social Media Contest: Download PDF || Read Text
11/25/14 – StrongBoard Balance® Promotes Fitness with Thanksgiving Social Media Contest: Download PDF || Read Text
10/20/14 – StrongBoard Balance® Launches Halloween Contest on Social Media: Download PDF || Read Text
10/01/14 – StrongBoard Balance® Releases Two New Premium Spring Colors: Download PDF || Read Text
09/24/14 – Reviewers Hail StrongBoard Balance® for Its Effectiveness & Design: Download PDF || Read Text
09/16/14 – StrongBoard Balance® Offers Fitness Class Participants a Chance to Win Free Balance Board: Download PDF || Read Text
09/02/14 – ‘StrongBoard Mommas!’ Group X Class Delivers Balance Board Fitness to Busy Mothers: Download PDF || Read Text
08/11/14 – StrongBoard Balance®to Exhibit at IDEA World Fitness Convention 2014: Download PDF || Read Text
07/17/14 –  StrongBoard Balance® Gets High Marks from the American Council on Exercise: Download PDF || Read Text
07/02/14 – StrongBoard Balance® Giveaway Drawing Offered by 220 Fitness Throughout July: Download PDF || Read Text
06/25/14 –  StrongBoard Balance® Fitness Posters Now Available: Download PDF || Read Text
06/12/14 – StrongBoard Balance® Classes Now Offered Exclusively at 220 Fitness: Download PDF || Read Text
05/27/14 – StrongBoard Balance® Featured on Cover of PFP Media’s 2014 Spring Buyer’s Guide: Download PDF || Read Text
05/19/14 – StrongBoard Balance® & 220 Fitness Hold Class to Benefit Heal The Bay Thursday, May 22: Download PDF || Read Text
04/29/14 – StrongBoard Balance® Adds New Features to Interactive Consumer Site: Download PDF || Read Text
03/25/14 – StrongBoard Balance® Embraced by Fitness Community at IHRSA 2014: Download PDF || Read Text 

03/11/14 – StrongBoard Balance® Creator & Celebrity Fitness Trainer Mike Curry Holds Reddit AMA: Download PDF || Read Text
03/07/14 – StrongBoard Balance® Fitness Demos Offered to Media at IHRSA 2014: Download PDF || Read Text
02/18/14 – StrongBoard Balance® Debuts to Fitness Trade at IHRSA 2014: Download PDF || Read Text 

01/29/14 – StrongBoard Balance® Impresses Fitness Enthusiasts at Trade Show Debut: Download PDF || Read Text

01/21/14 – StrongBoard Balance® Makes Trade Show Debut at 11th Annual Fit Expo: Download PDF || Read Text

01/07/14 – StrongBoard Balance® Featured on ABC TV Host Linda Cooper’s Blog: Download PDF || Read Text

12/23/13 – StrongBoard Balance® Develops Mind-Body Connection for All Ages, Fitness Levels:  Download PDF || Read Text

11/13/13 – First-Ever StrongBoard Balance® Stations Offered at Team LP Fitness Playground: Download PDF || Read Text

11/04/13 – StrongBoard Balance® Receives Rave Reviews: Download PDF || Read Text

10/22/13 – StrongBoard Balance® Initiates Consumer Appreciation Program: Download PDF || Read Text

10/07/13 – StrongBoard Balance® Debuts from StrongHold Fitness: Download PDF || Read Text