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Welcome Media.

Thank you for your interest in StrongBoard Balance®, StrongBoard MINI®, and our parent company, Stronghold Fitness, LLC.

We are grateful for any and all coverage you can give StrongBoard Balance and we are happy to make time for product demonstrations, photo shoots or interviews. We would also like to invite you to try StrongBoard Balance in person, or cover any classes featuring StrongBoard Balance in your neighborhood. Please email with any specific requests or questions.

We have created our entire site with you in mind.  Both the About Us and Science sections have a ton of information. All of the images and videos should be high resolution and ready for print. If you are on a PC, just right-click to save, and if you’re on a MAC, use the control + click keys for download options. If you have any problems accessing the particular file you need, let us know and we will expedite this for you.

On this page you will find links to high resolution logos and images, and here you’ll find press releases in chronological order. These have been made available as text files for easy cut, copy and paste commands.

While we have “Google news” alerts set for the company, we would be honored to hear from you and to receive any press mentions directly. We are a husband-wife team striving to give our product a global presence but we never want to lose the personal touches. Thank you again for visiting our website and for your interest in StrongBoard Balance.


Mike & Adella Curry