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With regular contests on social media, StrongBoard Balance board group exercise classes, personal trainer and instructor education courses and convention appearances, there is always something going on at StrongBoard, including the StrongBoard challenge, where you can win a free StrongBoard by comparing it to other balance boards, and posting which one you like the best on social media.

We love our StrongBoard FAMILY, and the BEST way to see what everyone is up to, all at once, is to visit us on Instagram, and search our most popular hashtags #StrongBoard and #StrongBoardBalance!  Follow us today and get instant updates in your feed, plus receive inspiration, education, health tips and support! If you’re already following us and you are interested in becoming an ambassador, send an email to our social media guru,

There are a number of StrongBoard classes available in California, Massachusetts, and Wisconsin, including StrongBoard BURN!®, StrongBoard MOMMAS!®, StrongBoard YOGA FUSION, StrongBoard SCULPT, StrongBoard BARRE, StrongBoard SENIORS, StrongBoard BOOTCAMP!®, and StrongBoard CIRCUIT!®.

StrongBoard’s Personal Trainer and Instructor education course is an all day information and sweat fest. To sign up for an existing course, or request one in your city, click here.

Check here for a list of conventions StrongBoard associates will be attending, meet our dedicated trainers, and experience this evolution in fitness™ for yourself!