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Blog Build Core Strength and Abs With Balance Board Exercises

Build Core Strength and Abs With Balance Board Exercises

Build Core Strength with StrongBoard Balance Board


Are you having a tough time with balance? Then you need to build core strength, and balance training is the most beneficial element in strengthening your core muscle groups.

Have you noticed it being difficult to stand on one leg? Losing your balance and coordination is something which happens to all of us as we get older. Balance training is nothing new! People for ages have been practicing balance to improve their posture, reduce their back pain and enhance their core strength and coordination.

Apart from this, balance boards too have been revolutionary in achieving core strength and balance. They are often overlooked but can yield several important benefits if used regularly as a part of your fitness routine. There are a wide variety of balance boards available on the market, but nothing as unique and effective as StrongBoard Balance. There are a variety of balance board exercises, which can be found in our Learning Center. These exercises can help you in acquiring flat stomach, such as-

Push-ups This can be easily done either with a close grip or wide grip to work different parts of your chest. Just place your hands at an even distance from the middle of the balance board and try to complete a standard pushup without letting either side of the board touch the base.

Plank Like the pushups above, one can perform a standard plank using a StrongBoard Balance to dramatically increase the level of difficulty. Place hands on both sides of the platform, just as you do with a push up position. Pull your belly button into your spine, keeping your head in line with your spine and breath, while holding this position.

Squats Standing straight and keeping your knees shoulder width apart, slowly squat down. Try to bend at the knees and keep your chest up. Slowly, bring yourself back to standing position. This exercise will engage your quads hamstrings, and buttocks, while simultaneously working your more intricate core musculature, just to remain balanced.

For abdominal strength – This board was designed to improve core strength. All areas of the abdominal muscles will benefit you in everything that you do. Our abdominals are not only for aesthetics but play an important role in helping protect the spine and keeping us upright.

Lastly, you cannot buy the perfect posture or flat stomach, but you can surely train for them. Balance training and core exercises create instability, and this forces you to engage the muscles that promote stability during movement. Core strength and balance work together, and are directly proportionate to each other. An increase in one will increase the other.

Stay Balanced!

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