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Blog What is Proprioception and Why is it Important?

What is Proprioception and Why is it Important?

Have you ever wondered why the tried-and-true test a police officer will use to determine if a motorist is driving under the influence is to have the suspect touch their finger to their nose with their eyes closed? While this is a very simple motor function, an impaired person will have issues performing the action due to their nervous system being directly affected by alcohol. This activity is one of many that we do throughout the day without having any conscious effort or knowledge of doing.


Proprioception (or kinesthesia) describes our everyday movements we can make due to the unconscious awareness of our body. Something as simple as the ability to walk without staring at our feet or scratching an unseeable itch on our back with our arm happens because of the conversation our sensory receptors are constantly having with our nervous system. 


Because the human body is degenerative in nature, proprioception can fall with time as well. Many issues such as diabetes, arthritis, or even post-surgery recovery can greatly affect this justly nicknamed sixth sense. Since this greatly and directly affects everyday body movement, proprioception is something to be taken seriously and strengthened when possible.

For those that have noticed or felt a drop off in the conversation between their nervous system and sensory receptors, there are thankfully many ways to help and heal this inner balance that makes everyday tasks happen without conscious decision making. Targeted exercises that highlight muscle, joint and motor function are essential in repairing proprioception, in addition to reinforcing it for a better future.


While physical therapy and yoga are excellent avenues to strengthen this essential bodily tool, one of the most recommended forms of therapeutic exercise is balance training. It’s not only an important factor of preventative care or rehabilitation, but transcendent in maintaining excellent proprioception for a lifetime of healthy living. 


Using StrongBoard Balance to strengthen and maintain your body’s proprioception is a terrific way to make sure your physical awareness is working at 100% efficiency. The stability trainer’s unique ability to force the user to feel continuous imbalance ensures core, muscle, and joint improvement throughout the entire body. While this develops, your nervous system and sensory receptors intertwine giving you a great workout while boosting the unconscious ability of your body to report back to itself at all times.


Having this internal conversation boosted means increased overall perception and performance of overall bodily function. Building a solid foundation with StrongBoard means the risks of injury and degenerative sensory perception are stopped at the source. We always want to give our future selves the gift of health and happiness, and what better way to do that then training our physical selves to be the best they can be down the road ahead.  

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