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Blog Ways to Give Back This Holiday Season

Ways to Give Back This Holiday Season

Giving Back


This Holiday Season, we at StrongBoard Balance are focusing on gratitude. What are you most grateful for and why? As one of the ways we can increase our appreciation for what we have, we can give back to others. Rather than focusing on that “to do” list that tends to take over after Thanksgiving, let’s think of ways that we can share our time, talents, and good fortune with those in need. Here are some ideas how:

1) Donate food at a shelter or local food bank. Many grocery stores have bins just for this. If you purchase just one more food item and place it in the bin every time you shop this month you could feed an entire family!

2) Clean out your closet. Donate the clothing to a local organization or sell to a second hand shop and donate the funds. Here are some great national organizations:

2) Give the gift of fur babies in need. Animals are known to reduce stress and lower blood pressure, what a perfect time to bring a pet into your home!

3) Take a clean-up walk – Put on some gloves, grab a back and a shovel and clean up any litter you find in your community. You’ll get some exercise and keep your streets clean.

5) Become a Charity Racer – Many running clubs organize races that donate proceeds to charity. Sign up, stay in shape, and create a healthy holiday tradition with friends.

6) Volunteer at food bank or homeless shelter

7) Spread cheer – Call your local hospital and hospice centers and see if they need child gifts, carolers, or donations

Feel free to leave any other suggestions in the comments section! Happy Holidays!!

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