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Blog Walking Pad or StrongBoard Balance Board, What is Better for Your In-Home Office?

Walking Pad or StrongBoard Balance Board, What is Better for Your In-Home Office?

Have you been considering making a change in your lifestyle? With the rise in popularity of working from home, many people find one of the few drawbacks is they are getting less exercise. Walking pads have been all the rage online, but what if walking isn’t your thing? StrongBoard Balance might be just what you need.  

Walking Pad Pros and Cons

Many people have started to add standing desks and walking pads to their in-home offices. While surfing the web for walking pads I’ve noticed one thing in particular… the choices are endless. Walking pads range in price, the cheapest we found with a quick Google search was $129, which is not too bad for a quick home office upgrade! But, there are some that go up to $2,000. With this wide variety of options comes a wide variety of quality. 


Does a higher price tag guarantee better quality? Internet shopping has often proved that is not always the case. Walking pads allow you to get your steps in while still being able to get your work done. You get to choose your own speed and walk at whatever pace works best for you, this is great for those who are just looking for some casual extra steps. Most walking pads are made to be folded up when not in use and can be slid under a couch or put away in a corner of your office or living space. One of the biggest limitations to a walking pad is just that, it’s a walking pad, the only thing you can do on it is walk. 


StrongBoard Balance Pros and Cons

If you’re looking for more than just some casual fitness in your in-home office, I suggest a StrongBoard. StrongBoard Balance board workouts might not be as easy to do while working, typing, or taking a meeting, but the StrongBoard is perfect for those moments when your brain is stuck and you need to get out of your desk chair. Something that I find nice, as someone who struggles with making decisions, is the StrongBoard comes in two sizes, the regular StrongBoard and the StrongBoard Mini, and different spring colors. 

Essentially, you only have two choices to make, what color and which size. There’s no surfing the web and reading tons of reviews trying to find the perfect fit for you. The regular-sized StrongBoard is priced at $269 and the StrongBoard Mini is also priced at $269. While this may not be in everyone’s budget, StrongBoard could very well be worth saving up for, as it can accomplish many things for one piece of equipment. 


Another pro of the StrongBoard is that it doesn’t require batteries or power so it can follow you wherever you go. It is also significantly smaller than a walking pad, and whenever you’re done with your workout, you can slide your StrongBoard under your desk, and boom, you have a footrest. As I said earlier, you might not be able to do a ton of StrongBoard Balance workouts while actively working, but StrongBoard’s website offers TONS of information and exercise videos to guide you to success with your StrongBoard. You see, StrongBoard isn’t just for one type of workout, you can use it for cardio, core training, upper body, lower body, and full body workouts. 

The Choice is Yours

Overall the choice between a walking pad and the StrongBoard Balance board, if you have to pick one, boils down to what your goals are. Everyone has different goals when it comes to fitness and there is no right or wrong answer. Ultimately, StrongBoard seems to be the better purchase, not only for your pocket but for your overall fitness goals!

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