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Blog Find Workout Inspiration with StrongBoard Balance Valentine’s Day Partner Workouts

Find Workout Inspiration with StrongBoard Balance Valentine’s Day Partner Workouts

StrongBoard Balance Board Partner Workout


Valentine’s Day can be filled with sugary treats and lots of unhealthy food, but getting a workout in with your partner (or friend) can certainly make you feel better. Here are three partner workouts you could do with your StrongBoard that can help the both of you connect, in a fun and healthy way:

The Squat and Catch: An easy workout to do while still getting a good squat workout in. All you need is a medicine ball. Throw the ball to your partner, who catches it, squats all the way down, comes back up, and throws the ball back to you. Check out the video for further instruction:

Medicine Ball Rotation: Valentine’s Day is the day of love, but nobody wants love handles. The medicine ball rotation partner exercise will help you target those love handles and burn fat, so that you can feel more confident before the night begins. Both you and your partner stand on your StrongBoards, facing forwards. Toss the medicine ball to your partner, who catches it, returns to starting position and then twists outward before coming back to starting position and tossing it back to you, with you doing the same thing after catching the medicine ball. Check out the video for further instruction:

V Sits with Counter Clocks: This may be the hardest workout of the bunch, but if you want to tighten up your core before going out, this is the exercise for you. Both you and your partner put your butt on your StrongBoard and face each other while leaning back. Both people lift their legs out and start rotating in a counter clockwise direction. Check out the video for further instruction:

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