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Blog Use Music for Motivation, Balancing Mood

Use Music for Motivation, Balancing Mood


Have you ever been to the gym or taken a class, and the first thing you notice is the music blaring? Maybe you got out of your car, sluggishly walked in, and then the music hit you. All of a sudden, you feel better and get a little adrenaline rush. Now you’re ready to get started.

There’s a reason for it. Music is effective in motivating you to workout because of its ability to lift your mood, according to this study by the University of Missouri. The study found people who listened to upbeat music were able to elevate their moods. Being in a good mood makes it easier to get motivated and get your workout on.

Likewise, working out is a great way to release stress, frustration or anger. Studies have shown those who feel frustrated or stressed out tend to listen to angrier music. Listening to “heavy” music such as hard rock, metal, and punk actually helps calm people down, according to a University of Queensland study. Combined with working out, which is proven to reduce stress and frustration, you can work through negative emotions in a healthy way.

The next time you want to workout, turn the music up and get ready for a great workout.

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