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StrongBoard Balance and Connected WarriorsStrongBoard Balance is proud to partner with BodyMind Recalibration to support the Connected Warriors.

StrongBoard Balance will donate 20% of all proceeds from this partnership directly to the Connected Warriors. As an added incentive, we are also offering Free Shipping (up to a $40 dollar value) to everyone who purchases from this page. More about Connected Warriors  

StrongBoard Balance Board

StrongBoard Balance

Recommended for Moms, Dads, families with kids, gym owners, personal trainers, and athletes.

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StrongBoard Balance Board Mini

StrongBoard MINI

Recommended for seniors, physical therapists, aiding in recovery from injuries, featuring 4” compression springs, StrongBoard MINI is
2” shorter than StrongBoard Balance.

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StrongBoard Balance Board eduction
Workout Poster StrongBoard Balance Board

Virtual Training

Via video or phone, get personalized StrongBoard Balance one-on-one training.

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Workout Poster

Available as an immediate digital download or printed, laminated and shipped

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