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The Perfect Form

Alicia Strom Performing PushUps on StrongBoard

Alicia Strom @StromFitnessAndRecovery



We received a great question this week on Instagram!

Q: I’ve noticed when doing squats my weight tends to shift forward. It is better practice to keep my weight more centered?

A: This speaks directly to the biomechanics of MULTI SPRING TECHNOLOGY™. StrongBoard Balance corrects your form. If your center of gravity is off at all, StrongBoard will attempt to throw you off by tilting. This is true for yoga positions, golf swings, squats, etc.. Unless you are trying to “teeter,” your goal is a level platform. That’s not to say it’s bad or wrong if you are tilting, just a clue that your center of gravity is off. You’re either leaning too far forward, right, left or back. I like to think of StrongBoard as that militant group exercise instructor you love to hate who comes around and lifts your hips, pushes your shoulders down and reminds you to suck your gut into your spine… always correcting your form. Next time you are exercising on StrongBoard, pay attention to this sweet little feature.


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