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Balance Board For Standing Desk

Do you work out of a home office with a standing desk?best balance board for standing desk Would you like to activate your core and stabilizing muscles throughout the day? Consider adding StrongBoard MINI to your fitness arsenal.

How To Improve Back Posture At Your Standing Desk

The little sister to StrongBoard Balance, StrongBoard MINI is a spring balance board that employs patented MULTI-SPRING TECHNOLOGY™ (MST) which promises users will never find a point of stabilization. Compressed under any weight-bearing load, including the human body, StrongBoard’s springs are both reactive and dynamic.

If you have found yourself working at home and are looking to switch up your work routine, you may want to try out a standing desk. Standing while working can have a significant positive impact on your health and body.

StrongBoard Balance Board & Standing Desks

best balance board for standing desk

Benefits of Standing Desks

Reducing back pain. The “Take-a-Stand Project”1 in 2011 found that participants who spent an average of 66 minutes of their workday standing experienced a 54% reduction in upper back and neck pain.

Lowering the risk of weight gain. By standing instead of sitting, you can reduce the risk of weight gain by burning about 50 extra calories an hour.

Improving mood and gaining energy. Sitting and increased sedentary time has been linked to an increased risk of both depression and anxiety. During the “Take-a-Stand Project” in 2011, a group of 24 office workers was provided with a standing desk. Participants self-reported improved mood states over the 4 week period where they reduced time spent sitting by an average of 66 minutes.

Increase productivity. The boost in mood and energy, as well as the reduction in back, shoulder, and neck pain, is likely to improve productivity and mental alertness. When the body as a whole is in better shape, it functions more efficiently and it can be reasonably expected that this would in turn boost productivity.


Why add a balance board to your standing desk?

What are the benefits of adding a balance board to your standing desk? the best balance board for your stand up desk

  • Encourages muscle stabilization. When you sit all day, you don’t move necessary muscles and as a result, your core will struggle when you begin moving around. When you use a balance board, your lumbopelvic region is constantly working to keep you upright, exercising all your core muscles.

  • Improves balance. Using a balance board regularly while working activates stabilizer muscles in your ankles, knees, torso, and spine which strengthens key joints and, in turn, improves your balance.

  • Improves posture. Sitting while working can over time, the muscles in your neck and spine weaken, causing the weight of your head to be misplaced makes you slouch your shoulders. By standing on a balance board you regulate the alignment of your spine and evenly distribute your body weight.

  • Stay alert. When you stay in the same position for a long period (sitting at your desk) can make your blood circulation less efficient, which leads to a feeling of fatigue. By standing on a balance board, the little effort it takes to keep yourself stable will keep your heart pumping, blood flowing, and your brain alert. 



Using a StrongBoard Mini with your standing desk

best balance board for standing desk

When it comes to selecting a balance board to go with your standing desk, we recommended our StrongBoard MINI, which functions the same as StrongBoard Balance, and offers all of the same diversity, challenges, and neurological stimulation, with one exception.

StrongBoard MINI Balance Board’s springs are 2” shorter, making it less reactive and bringing the platform closer to the ground. StrongBoard MINI works better for long durations of time, and the primary difference between a treadmill or other types of balance boards for a standing desk is the core engagement that is required from the user. If you are tired of just standing, but you do want to get a workout in while working, while also improving posture, reaction time, and healing while working, then StrongBoard MINI is the perfect choice for you.


The best balance board for standing desk