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When it comes to finding the perfect tool for improving your balance,spring balance boards there are a lot of options and it can be difficult to navigate which is best for you and your goals. The market for balance training equipment is vast and includes stability balls, air filled bladders, wobble boards, rocker boards, roller boards, and our favorite, spring boards!

So why choose a spring balance board over another piece of balance training equipment and what exactly is a spring balance board? 

Perfect for all ages and fitness levels, a spring balance board gives the user a full body and core workout that increases your flexibility, range of motion, blood flow, improves your balance and posture, and will rehabilitate skeletal and muscular injuries. 

Spring boards were added to the fitness market in 2013 with the release of StrongBoard Balance, which holds a patent on the multi-spring design. The board’s fulcrum consists of four individual compression springs situated between the base and the platform, creating a first-class lever system. This operates very much like a seesaw, but with 360 degrees of tilt around the fulcrum providing a full range of motion, which we refer to as UNLIMITED DYNAMIC ARTICULATION™ (UDA). 

Once you step on StrongBoard your body begins searching for stabilization, but because of the force applied to the springs from your body weight, the board will not stabilize. When the body’s equilibrium is challenged, it acts to stabilize by way of involuntary muscle contractions in both the core musculature and the smaller stabilizing muscles around the joints, which result in joint inflections. By redistributing weight across the board, the rider can move the board in any relative direction – engaging core stabilizing muscles. 


What are the benefits of using a spring balance board? 

  • Flat surface offers natural supination, considerably alleviating joint stress
  • Full range of motion in sagittal, frontal, and transverse planes 
  • Multi Spring Technology keeps joint movement activated and constant (which fights tendonitis and ensures pique body movement)
  • Increases reaction time and improves coordination
  • Supports the kinetic chain and forces strength gains
  • Requires constant engagement of core and stabilizing muscles
  • Automatically corrects form requiring a user to be conscious of their center of gravity
  • Improves posture
  • Responsive application stimulates Central Nervous System
  • Increases mind-body connection


How does a spring balance board compare to stability balls, air filled bladders, wobble, rocker and roller boards?