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Are you ever sore from too much stretching?  Wish you could build long, lean muscle without stepping into a gym?  If you said yes, this class is for you! You can liken StrongYoga to a mini-workshop.  With the use of the StrongBoard Balance® a multi-planar balance and stability trainer which employs MULTI SPRING TECHNOLOGY™. MST works with your body to deliver the perfect amount of stimulation to keep your core musculature and stabilizing muscles engaged and contracted, while training your central nervous system, improving posture, proprioception and reaction time. Students in this class are taught to engage areas of the body which are weak as StrongBoard intuits those weaknesses. When on StrongBoard, the overworked/ stronger muscles in the body are able to release, creating a natural balance with other underused muscle groups.  There is a deep focus on strengthening hamstrings and the back – both areas that can be challenging to engage without the use of weights or resistance bands – as well as feet and ankles – which are imperative to holding our body weight. In each session you will be guided in exploring yoga poses on the board, using strength, and then given the opportunity to experience the pose on your mat with your new perspective. In this way, students learn to create their own resistance, developing real strength, without the use of weights.

Elizabeth Scheer is a yoga teacher and massage therapist with over 20 years of experience.  Her teaching style is inspired by Ashtanga sequencing along with Iyengar alignment and adjustments.  She believes in the science of yoga as an ancient healing modality which is meant to regulate the nervous system by means of controlling the breath.

Her classes are unique in many ways. She encourages students to focus attention on how they enter and exit poses rather than simply prioritizing taking each pose to its maximum depth. She believes in building strength from the  ground up by gaining connection to and awareness of whatever is on the floor and learning how to “oppose gravity” to create lightness by engaging into joints (creating significant core strength and an understanding of how to use bandhas). She guides students to use breath as their guru to reveal if/ how they are creating suffering (by holding breath) or freedom (with fluid, peaceful breath).  Within her personal practice, Elizabeth has also learned to build strength and lean muscle in her back, hamstrings, and glutes without the use of weights – this is something that is often elusive in yoga asana and she loves empowering students to do the same in their practice.

E’s playful nature, mixed with her passion for sharing her discoveries with others, and deep desire to connect with and serve humanity, creates a setting that is transformative, challenging, and nurturing.  She specializes in leading all levels of practitioners, from first-time yogis to those with advanced daily practices.



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