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Blog The StrongBoard Super Bowl Challenge

The StrongBoard Super Bowl Challenge

StrongBoard Balance Board Super Bowl Challenge

Super Bowl Sunday usually means spending time with friends, watching the big game, and indulging in delicious party food. It’s a fun day but if you’re trying to watch your weight it can be a challenge. With the traditional football feasts of wings, sliders, pizza, chips, and high-calorie dips, you could consume more calories than Thanksgiving. Plus, the average Super Bowl game lasts nearly 4 hours, which is a long time to be sitting in front of the television. So, if you’re watching at home, invite your friends to play our Super Bowl Challenge!

When the following events happen during the Super Bowl, perform the following exercises:

Coin Toss: Jog In Place for duration

Touchdown: 10 push-ups

Field Goal: 30 squats

First down: 30 jumping jacks

Punt: 30 mountain climbers

Flag thrown: 10 supermans

Coach’s challenge: 10 burpees


For Each Commercial Break:

1st Commercial: hold a plank

2nd Commercial: bicycle crunches

3rd Commercial: leg scissors

4 Commercials or More: Your choice of side plank, seated rotations, reverse crunch, or dead bugs


Halftime challenge:

Do all of the above exercises as many times as you can!


Trophy Presentation: Stretch!


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