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Blog What Your StrongBoard Spring’s Color Says About You

What Your StrongBoard Spring’s Color Says About You

StrongBoard Balance Board Springs

You may not know it, but what you picked as your spring color may say something about how you use StrongBoard. Today we’re talking about what some of the most popular StrongBoard spring colors say about you. What color you chose isn’t the determining factor of who you are as a person, but certain colors do have different meanings attached to them.

Blue is the most popular color for Americans, and it is a popular spring color when people are picking out what color they would like. The color is associated with being calm, cool, and collected. You are the type who when the workout gets exhausting, you keep a calm demeanor and keep pushing.

Green is associated with being consistent, sensible, and persevering, according to color psychology. You are the type who uses StrongBoard at a certain time on certain days, determined to put in the work necessary to see change.

If you chose purple, then there is really no helping you, as you’re pretty far out there. All kidding aside, purple is a great color choice, and those who prefer purple tend in their own unique way, not automatically buying into what everyone is saying. You are the type of StrongBoard user who doesn’t automatically buy into ads or gimmicks or deflated half balls, and can see how StrongBoard can be used in unique ways, such as for yoga or stand up paddle boarding.

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