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Blog StrongBoard Kids: Natural Exercise Your Children Will Love

StrongBoard Kids: Natural Exercise Your Children Will Love

by Cody Dean

One of the best things about StrongBoard Balance is the fact that it was made with all users in mind. While many stability trainers on the market are geared toward adult workout regiments made for specific orientations, StrongBoard’s unique and patented MULTI SPRING TECHNOLOGY™ adapts to whoever wants to get on board. The more weight added to each unit, the more the springs interact with the user and shape the way a workout can be achieved. 


While a full grown adult typically weighs in over 100 pounds, StrongBoard is extremely responsive and provides the perfect amount of instability for a full body workout.  Because the springs compress under any weight  bearing load, and the  energy created is equal to the amount of compression, persons who weigh less will not experience the same amount of shake and responsiveness as heavier bodies. However, this doesn’t stop kids from gravitating to the stability trainer, opening the door for fun exercise options outside of the traditional workout regimen. 


One thing’s for sure: younger kids love the feeling of spring-enabled toys. Every playground in the world has a bouncy horse or spring rider for a reason — they’re loads of fun. Kids can replicate this feeling and go further with a StrongBoard Balance, capturing the feeling of a spring rider and finding more nuance in its build for variance in direction. While a spring rider can just go up, down, back, and forth, StrongBoard offers a full range of motion and can go everywhere.


The natural wobble of StrongBoard is fun but it also provides necessary movement to help with Attention Deficit Disorder / Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder  (ADD / ADHD). When using StrongBoard the body is always moving, searching for stability. Because of the natural stimulation and movement StrongBoard offers, simply standing on it while reading or doing homework at a standing desk is an excellent outlet for the extra energy that comes along with ADD and ADHD. According to ADDitude magazine, movement is proven to help kids concentrate and focus, as well as an active (and proactive) way to deal with issues related to ADD / ADHD. If your child (or spouse) has ADD or ADHD you can read a success story about this relationship here.   


Anyone that takes StrongBoard for a ride will realize immediately that it forces you to have good posture – it’s impossible to stay on board unless your center of gravity finds an inner core equilibrium. Kids who are using the board to help with fidgeting are also gaining the added benefit of improving posture, balance, and equilibrium. Kids that are more naturally inclined toward sports and physical activity in general will increase their stability stamina, which will directly impact their sports game for the best.


Considering millions of kids are currently schooling from home due to the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, StrongBoard is an excellent addition to any student’s Physical Education curriculum. Older kids who are wanting StrongBoard to be their main source of exercise, with or without regards to the pandemic, will be happy to find thousands of different exercises available for free to follow along with on StrongBoard’s Exercise on Demand channel. For a lot of kids, trying to capture the same energy output they had when doing in-person physical education is nearly impossible – using StrongBoard throughout the day will get them back into the game of fun and healthy activity. 


Whether a rider is a full grown adult, a teenager, or even just a kiddo, anyone can find an essential use for StrongBoard. Be it expediting caloric burn in a regular workout or using it while at a standing desk for doing homework, the stability trainer can reshape one’s thoughts about finding their inner balance to benefit their physical and mental health.

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