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Blog StrongBoard Balance® Embraced by Fitness Community at IHRSA 2014

StrongBoard Balance® Embraced by Fitness Community at IHRSA 2014

Premier Balance Board Met with Overwhelming Industry Acclaim & Rave Reviews at San Diego Convention Center!


March 25, 2014 – San Diego, CA – StrongBoard Balance® — “An Evolution in Fitness™” – was met with resounding acclaim with its debut at IHRSA 2014 in San Diego, March 13 and March 14. The revolutionary balance board’s ease of use and immediate benefits received rave reviews from health and fitness industry professionals throughout the week.

While at the booth, attendees had the opportunity to meet with the StrongBoard Balance team to discuss any questions they had about the board, from workouts and education, to wholesale and distribution opportunities.

Will Veach, Marketing Director for elite athletic training equipment company, said, “Having been a personal trainer for some time, I have had the opportunity to use many types of fitness equipment. Sadly, some products are seriously lacking when it comes to actually doing what they claim. That is absolutely not the case with StrongBoard Balance. From the moment I stepped on the board I could feel my legs and core go to work. StrongBoard Balance challenged me, worked various muscle groups and, quite frankly, kicked my butt! The quality is outstanding and the construction is top notch. I would recommend this to anyone that is looking to use a balance device. Well done!”

Those with complementary exercise products saw a definite benefit when incorporating StrongBoard Balance in their existing training offerings. Kregg Koch, co-founder of upright core training device Core Stix, said, “We really enjoyed using StrongBoard at IHRSA. Though it can be used alone, StrongBoard adds a new dimension to Core Stix workouts that we found to be very beneficial for balance and functional training.”  

StrongBoard Balance’s ability to be used by people of all ages and fitness levels was also noted. Francesca Fisher, Founder of Geri-Fit, a strength training exercise program for seniors, commented, “I see a real need for [StrongBoard Balance] to help older adults increase their balance, so that they can prevent falls.”

“StrongBoard Balance will, with no hesitation, help all my patients with vestibular balance, strength, proprioception and take their skill to an even higher level,” added chiropractic sports practitioner Corey Litchtman, DC, CSCS.

The size and portability of StrongBoard Balance, in addition to its ability to effectively deliver core workouts, was also an added advantage as noted by Janelle Andersen, owner of Anytime Fitness in Othello, Washington, who tried several balance boards exhibited at IHRSA. “StrongBoard is just right; you can get on due to the “wings” at the side. It’s unstable enough to cause your core to work, has a small footprint, can be used for lunges and all kinds of exercises,” she commented. “I plan to get a couple of them.”

“IHRSA was a great trade show to debut StrongBoard Balance,” said StrongBoard Balance creator Mike Curry. “The level of attention StrongBoard Balance received was truly amazing and uplifting. I have always believed in my invention and the effects it could have on all realms of the fitness world, but to see the reactions of other fitness professionals and how much they loved the revolutionary balance board made me smile. Watching people eager to get on and test their balance was fun; to hear their comments and thoughts was cool.”

Since the product’s launch in October 2013, StrongBoard Balance has attracted praise for its ability to provide an efficient method to strengthen and train the entire body. It improves proprioception, intensifies floor workouts, tones and sculpts, and expedites results; all while increasing fat burning and weight loss. Created for every body, from young and old, fitness experts, nine-to-fivers, those recovering from injury, or in top physical condition, StrongBoard Balance is a fun, effective, and innovative way to workout.

For more information about StrongBoard Balance and where to purchase, click here.

About StrongBoard Balance:

We are a health and wellness company, which concentrates on making the best fitness products on the planet. We care deeply about the connection between mind and body and believe everyone has the right to be fit. Our products are designed for every BODY; young and old, gym rat and nine-to-fiver, those in peak physical condition, or recovering from injury. We believe BALANCE is the key to radiant life energy. With compassion for ourselves, and our planet, we can collectively achieve any goal we desire. Our debut product, StrongBoard Balance is portable and electricity-free.  Its platform rests upon four compression springs, allowing individuals to train using their own body weight for resistance during full-motion exercises.  The primary function of StrongBoard Balance is to strengthen the stabilizing muscles.  Simply standing on StrongBoard Balance provides a complete core workout. When performing basic exercises, such as squats or push-ups, users experience real results much faster than traditional core workouts targeting the same muscle groups.  StrongBoard Balance delivers profound results to all levels of fitness enthusiasts, creating desired changes in how they look and feel and improvement in balance, core strength, agility, and posture.  All StrongHold Fitness™ products are proudly made in America. For more information, visit,,, or

About IHRSA 2014:  

The IHRSA International Trade Show just keeps getting better. In March 2013, in Las Vegas, NV, the sold-out exhibition showcased over 350 exhibitors, giving attendees from 82 countries an unparalleled opportunity to purchase the latest products and services for their clubs. This year, the exhibition was held at the San Diego Convention Center. IHRSA’s International Convention & Trade Show is an essential part of the industry’s calendar and the one place where the world’s health club market comes together to do business. For full information on IHRSA, visit or email


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