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Blog Strength Training – Adding Weights to Your Routine

Strength Training – Adding Weights to Your Routine

Ladies listen up! If you’re not doing so already, it’s time to add strength training to your routine!

StrongBoard Balance Board Strength Training

Being fit and strong has quickly become the new skinny. Women are no longer aiming to be model thin, instead they are working out to gain strength and muscles. Strength training is known to boost self-esteem and body image. Knowing your body is physically capable fosters a healthier self-image than focusing on being thin. Something about being able to carry your own luggage or open a stubborn jar without help feels liberating. Many people are unaware lifting weights before cardio will actually cause your body to burn more calories during cardio. More muscle tissue burns more calories, even when you are walking or simply being sedentary.

Ladies, decrease time on the elliptical and add weights, it’s good for you!

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StrongBoard Balance® is a one-of-a-kind, premiere balance board for all levels of fitness enthusiasts. Designed to complement and intensify users’ favorite workout routines, it utilizes MULTI SPRING TECHNOLOGY™ (MST).
Keeps your core musculature and stabilizing muscles engaged and contracted, while training your central nervous system, expediting calorie burn, improving posture, proprioception and reaction time.

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StrongBoard MINI is a responsive balance board and stability trainer for use in physical therapy and active aging. Its patented MULTI SPRING TECHNOLOGY™ is both reactive and dynamic. StrongBoard MINI is easy and safe to get on and off, and its flat platform protects joints and surrounding ligaments from excessive supination or strain, allowing the user to mimic real-life movements while supporting the kinetic chain. In addition to the muscular and skeletal benefits, use of StrongBoard MINI trains the central nervous system, requiring muscles to communicate with the brain, effectively opening, healing, restoring and strengthening delicate neural pathways. The biomechanics of spring technology coupled with the rigid platform require users to find their true center of gravity. Regular use of StrongBoard MINI will improve balance, core strength, agility, posture and reaction time. All StrongHold Fitness products are proudly made in America.