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Blog Q&A with October Trainers of the Month: Bobby and Alicia Strom

Q&A with October Trainers of the Month: Bobby and Alicia Strom

With over 50 years experience, Bobby Strom is one of few Elite Fitness Experts in the World, with expertise in training, nutrition, martial arts and massage therapy. He is also an award winning bodybuilder with 11 years of competition experience across 30 shows, and a retired NYPD Detective of 15 years. Bobby’s forte is transforming physiques and lifestyles.

Alicia Strom joined forces with Bobby Strom in 2006. Personally and professionally, they are an unstoppable team. Both specialize in Functional Core Training . Alicia’s expertise also includes Mat Pilates, Yoga & Pregnancy Training, Running/Track, Resistance Training, HIIT, Plyometrics, Band Work, and Field Training. She’s also a Professional Master Bodywork Recovery Specialist and Massage Professional of 24 years, with certificates in Pregnancy, Orthopedic/Sports, Neuromuscular, Work and Daily Injuries, working alongside professional athletes, entertainers, actors and musicians. 

Alicia and Bobby  are StrongBoard, TRX, Balance/Stability and Resistance Bands Masters. Furthermore both are StrongBoard Athletes and our October Trainers of the Month


Bobby, how long have you been using StrongBoard Balance and what do you like most about it?

My wife (Alicia) and I became StrongBoard certified on 9/17/2016. That’s when we received our boards and began utilizing them in our workouts, personally and professionally. There are so many reasons to love StrongBoard; it’s portable, convenient, versatile, affordable, and most of all, it’s the best piece of equipment to work and challenge your stabilizer muscles and core engagement with so many creative exercises.

Alicia, why do you use StrongBoard Balance? 

Our core is everything, and the only true functional way to keep it strong and pliable is through balance/stability – exercises/movement.

Bobby, StrongBoard or StrongBoard MINI, what would be your choice and why?

Depends on the age and limitations of the client. I use the MINI with several older clients and they love it.

Alicia, How is it different from other balance equipment you have used?

“NOTHING out there makes you work harder at stabilizing YOUR MIND AND BODY.”

Have you made any friendships using StrongBoard Balance?

Bobby: We have made and maintained a relationship with someone we met during our certification class, Chapmann Cheung. Also, we have kept in touch with StrongBoard owners and founders, Mike and Adella. 

Alicia: Our Clients become our friends -AKA Frients- (you can take that). Every single one of them LOVES “getting on”.  My family has enjoyed and freaked out over StrongBoard, and our neighbors in Palm Springs are next. It’s so much fun!

What is your favorite exercise or routine on StrongBoard?

Bobby: Too many possibilities to pick out one. But what I can say for sure is I love using the board with a new client and just having them stand on it.

“It awakens their mind-body connection and they feel muscles they didn’t know existed in their body.” Bobby Strom

Alicia: I Love doing ‘StrongBoyoga’, isometric holds in conjunction with the TRX, bands and cable machine. Kettlebells and weighted balls as well, and… OMG so many great moves to choose from! 

What is your favorite “client + StrongBoard story”?

Bobby: My favorite story is the client’s feedback. I love that they request using it on a regular basis during their workout and that they tell all their friends about it. I love that it makes me a better “Trainer.”

Alicia: When my client Rochelle first got on, she was so nervous (that was via FaceTime during late quarantine). We wrapped up an exercise drill and she stepped off. Her little four-year-old comes into the gym, walks over, gets on the StrongBoard like nothing, then gets off like nothing, and we just start laughing. We need to be more like kids! FEARLESS Boom.

Share why you would recommend StrongBoard.

Bobby: I would say I recommend it to gym owners and to clients that want to do a workout at home by themselves. Because it’s affordable, doesn’t take up much room, and it’s extremely versatile to get a good complete workout.

Alicia: As not only a personal trainer but as a professional master bodywork recovery specialist, I know firsthand how important it is for stability and balance to be challenged on a daily basis, as we get older even more so. It is so important for our minds and body. Important to build that strength within ourselves and carry that confidence with us and to “cushion/ protect” our minds/bodies so we stay strong, EMPOWERED and alert as we age. HAPPINESS is on StrongBoard!


Follow Bobby and Alicia on Instagram: @bobbystrom@stromfitnessandrecovery

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