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Blog Muscle Confusion & What It Means For Your Fitness Regime

Muscle Confusion & What It Means For Your Fitness Regime

StrongBoard Balance Board Muscle Confusion blog

Muscle confusion is a fundamental part of exercise science. The term muscle confusion refers to mixing up your workouts in order to “confuse” your muscles. This change in exertion increases stimulation and does not allow your muscles to acclimate, which prevents plateauing. StrongBoard Balance was designed within the structure of this concept. The multi-spring-technology doesn’t’ allow for stabilization, ever, so your muscles are always engaged in unique ways in search of stabilization. In addition to StrongBoard Balance, there are several other ways to confuse your muscles. For example, more repetitions, more weight, decreasing rest periods, increasing intervals, and implementing new fitness toys.

What specific variables can you personally change up? For example, if you’re training for a marathon, you could only increase your distances on Saturdays. Do this for three weeks, take a break, and then add something else, (like hills, for example). You could also start taking a yoga class once a week or a group fitness class to add some resistance training.

What are your favorite ways to mix it up? We’d love to hear from you in our comment section!

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