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Blog Kids Find More than Balance on StrongBoard

Kids Find More than Balance on StrongBoard

StrongBoard Balance Board Fit Kids

With the weather getting increasingly warmer, you might want to find a nice green space and start taking your workout with StrongBoard outside. Or, depending where you live, it might be too hot, and you’ll want to workout in air conditioning. Either way, there might be kids around (especially if you have children), and they’ll naturally ask:

“That’s cool, can I try it?”

The first thought of many parents faced with this question is, “Will my child be safe on StrongBoard?”

Yes, kids are definitely safe on StrongBoard. It’s best to demonstrate how to get on and off StrongBoard first, and some supervision is recommended. The thing is, most kids are naturals on StrongBoard.

Kids don’t typically weigh as much as adults so they don’t apply as much weight to the springs when they step on, and not as much imbalance is created. But they will have a blast wobbling around as much as a full sized adult.

Some good, easy, and fun exercises for kids on the board are: standing on it and moving around, push ups, and squats. You can add games like catch and tug a war… even the popular rhyme, “ears, shoulders, knees and toes” is fun on StrongBoard. In addition to requiring focus which is especially beneficial in children with ADHD and Autism, regular use of StrongBoard is shown to strengthen reaction time and improve hand eye coordination.

Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel for additional videos on exercises kids can do, as well as adults!

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