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Blog How To Lose Those Love Handles

How To Lose Those Love Handles

StrongBoard_Balance_Board_Side plank on StrongBoard Balance

Love handles are excess fat that develop on the sides of the waistline. It seems they appear out of nowhere and once they appear they are so hard to lose. Many people have them but don’t know how do get rid of them. Concentrating on the following three areas will help rid the extra padding.

Resistance and cardio-vascular training
Increasing your metabolism with consistent forms of cardio-vascular and resistance training exercises is a sure fire way to get those pesky love handles to shrink and eventually disappear. Ensuring that you do at least 20-45 minutes of activities such as biking, running, walking or swimming 4-5 times a week will help effectively curb those love handles. In addition to that, mixing in bench dips, pushups, lunges and squats 2-3 times a week will enable you to see immediate results in your overall energy level and mental alertness.

A healthy diet
In order to effectively lose those love handles and keep them away, consider the following:
• Minimize on fried foods, cheese and breads
• Limiting of processed sugar such as candy, cookies, soda among others
• Eating five servings of fruits and vegetables every day; choose organic whenever possible
• Drinking plenty of water daily
• Keep alcohol consumption to a minimum

Targeting the abdominal area
These are exercises that will ensure the burning of fat and building up of muscles. They include:
• Side and /or regular plank
• Leg lifts
• Burpees
• Alternating knee to elbow in plank
• Bicycle Crunches

Following these simple steps will help get rid of love handles and you’ll be amazed how quickly the rest of your body will shape up as well!

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