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Blog How To Be A Good Personal Trainer

How To Be A Good Personal Trainer

Those who are new to personal training, like any student, are always searching for the best advice when it comes to giving clients a lifetime of health and fitness support. Whether StrongBoard is a part of your personal training repertoire or not, these personal training practices are sure to make the first steps in the profession one of ease. 

Zero Judgement in Personal Training

First and foremost, it’s important to provide a safe and comfortable environment for any client. Vulnerability can be difficult for everyone, especially in an environment where clients can have anxiety related to their health and fitness. Zero judgment is essential, while support, compassion, encouragement, belief, and a vision are a must.

Lead by Example for Your Clients

Always practice what you preach and lead by example. Sincerity in both style and application is imperative. Clients will always pick up on superficial direction and advice, so never suggest something you wouldn’t participate in. You represent aspiration and determination. 


Implement a variety of tools for success to project a well-rounded lifestyle of health. While a specified goal for a client is the first and foremost priority, encourage healthy living outside the personal training session. A teacher should endorse daily keys for success that make time beyond your allotted session a healthy one.

Be Humble and Willing to Learn

Be open to improvisation and learn from your clients. Be humble and realize there is never a concrete end to learning, both in an academic sense and what can come from sessions with clients. Always listen more than you speak, and let yourself be open to change. This means adjusting your plan for the best results, whatever that may be. In situations where a client’s physical limitations won’t allow them to hit targeted areas, have a variety of different ways in which you can hit those same places on the spot to honor their restrictions.


Encourage clients with positive input. It’s easy for anyone to get discouraged, but it’s amazing what can be accomplished with a positive attitude and motivating teaching. Associating earned encouragement with hitting goals and steps in the right direction will always make a client want to do better. 


Don’t forget to have fun! You’re offering a service that quite literally changes lives for the better. It’s easy to get lost in the minutia of day-to-day personal training and just view it as a job, but the work matters. Hard work pays off, so take the time to soak it in and allow yourself to feel the contentment of helping people with essential needs. 

Personal Training with StrongBoard Balance


At StrongBoard Balance, it’s immensely important to educate those who have never heard of, or attempted to use, a balance and stability trainer and to help integrate the tool into the regimen of fitness professionals. For the aforementioned who need continuing education credits for certification, StrongBoard offers Personal Training and Certification Courses recognized by ACE, NASM, and AFAA that provide a hands-on module that integrates the science and technology behind StrongBoard Balance with its practical everyday use. The course is designed to give fitness professionals a leading edge, no matter their clientele or orientation.

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