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Blog How to Add More Gratitude to Your Life

How to Add More Gratitude to Your Life



If you’re reading this, you’re lucky. Your eyes work, you’re literate, you have access to a computer, and you care enough about your health and wellness to learn more about it!

We live in a world oversaturated with “must have!” advertising and overbearing pressures to “have it all!”, so it’s easy to forget what we have and instead obsess over what we don’t. Shutting out negativity, envy, and self-doubt can be a struggle at first, but focusing on what you already have can help you regain a clear focus on success, happiness, and overall well-being. Recognizing all of our many blessings and strengths will help us live more radiant, fulfilling, and healthier lives. Here are some daily tips to help you live a more grateful life.

1) Write it Down
Record 2 things every day you are grateful for in a journal. When you’re feeling down, take a look to remind yourself of everything you already have.

2) Think of Someone You Love and Give Them a Shout Out!
Send them a quick text, email, phone call, or social media shout-out to remind them how important they are to you. Who doesn’t love a “drive-by compliment”?

3) Meditate
Find a quiet space and take 5 minutes to think about all the good things you have received or done in your life.

4) Spend Some Time Outside
Take a walk, run your hands through some sand or dirt, and smell the flowers!

5) Take a Trip Down Memory Lane
Pull out some photos of your favorite trips, family photos, and good old times (or frame them around your home or work for a constant reminder!)

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