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Blog Group X: What’s so special?

Group X: What’s so special?

StrongBoard Balance Board Dumb Bell Kickbacks

I have been a long time procrastinator of group x, or group exercise. I am not a group joiner. I don’t like committing to a certain time. I don’t want to take the time to drive, park and get a spot in the back row. I don’t want to look stupid or out of shape… And the list goes on.

As we started developing classes for StrongBoard Balance, everything changed. I had to work with the instructors to make sure our philosophies were included in the class. I had to show up and bring friends to populate the first classes. It was a show of support. It was a labor of love. And like any good relationship, my commitment and appreciation grew through the act of devotion and discipline.

And somehow, in the middle of this discipline, Group X changed the way I work out. The energy was contagious. I could no longer go at my own pace. I was part of a team. I did things I wouldn’t do on my own. I was pushed outside of my comfort zone, to the place where change begins.

And I liked it.

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