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Blog Tips to Being a Fit Foodie While Dining Out

Tips to Being a Fit Foodie While Dining Out

Are you a foodie, just like us? Do you want to enjoy a good meal, but also not stray from your health goals? Then check out the tips below!

Tips for Dining Out StrongBoard Balance Board

The first rule when dining out is to keep a health-conscious mindset. Scrutinize the menu and know when not to order a side of curly fries instead of steamed veggies. Second, avoid dining out every day as the signs will show around your waist. If you have overeating tendencies, like many of us have, it’s easier to share a plate with a friend. Plate sizes when dining out are uncontrollable and are often too large. To maintain healthy portion sizes, feel free to eat only half your meal and save the rest for later. Ask your server to pack half in a to-go bag before it hits your table, you’ll avoid temptation to keep eating and you’ll have lunch for tomorrow.

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