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Blog Find Balance and Motivation in Your Day

Find Balance and Motivation in Your Day

Balance and Motivation

You know the person, or you might even be this person. They wake up at 5:30AM, get to the gym by 6AM, work out intensely for an hour, eat a quick breakfast, then go to work, all by 8AM. The question is, do you get the most out of your workout and day if you work out first thing in the morning?

There’s no evidence to say working out at a certain time of day will burn more calories or get a better workout. Picking what time of day you work out can determine how you feel when you work out though. As with most things when it comes to exercise, everyone is different. Your natural circadian will factor into when you’re most motivated to exercise.

If you’re having trouble sticking to a routine, then the best time of day to exercise is the morning. Evidence shows those who get up early and exercise have shown the most consistency in getting a workout in. The reasoning is there’s a lot of things which can happen and get in the way of working out, so getting it in the morning doesn’t allow for distractions, which tend to pile up during the course of the day. One note is to allow more time to warm up in the morning, as your body temperature is lower.

Don’t fight your body though. If it feels unnatural, try a different time of day, like during lunch or right after work. See what works best, and stick to it. Don’t let life’s nuances get in the way of a healthy you!

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