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Blog Competitive Lifters, Balance and Injury Prevention

Competitive Lifters, Balance and Injury Prevention

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Any personal trainer with a reputable certification, whether it be in body building, CrossFit, or HIIT, won’t start you off by throwing you right into the workout. They’ll start by warming you up, teaching form and injury prevention.

Balance is an integral part of injury prevention and mastering form. Having a good sense of balance will help prevent any accidental injuries which may occur from losing one’s balance, and help you avoid potentially scary injuries.

Strong goals aren’t achieved over night, and can take years of dedication to reach, which is why longevity is so important. While freak accidents happen, it is more often the little details, which build up over time and prevent someone from reaching their goal. In this case, we’re talking about being a little off balance, leading to compromised posture and improper form.

Being a little off balance isn’t a big deal, but over time it will catch up with you, creating extra soreness and even chronic injury or pain. By getting on your StrongBoard and working on exercises you regularly do at the gym or your box, you can practice great form, see your posture improve immediately, and prevent future injury.

Check out this video of our StrongBoard Ambassador Auwana Brown @AuwanaIsGifted and see how she’s using StrongBoard to work on perfecting her form:

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