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Balance in Baseball

StrongBoard Balance Board Baseball


The baseball season is now underway, and now is a great time to highlight how StrongBoard and baseball go together. Balance, coordination, and core stability are vital to success in baseball.

Balance affects fielding, hitting, and base running. Practice swinging the bat while on StrongBoard, and becoming as balanced as you can before swinging. The squat is a great exercise to do on StrongBoard to improve balance while fielding the ball, as players are moving toward the ball, then have to stop, find balance, and make an accurate throw to first base. You can also throw to a friend while on StrongBoard, trying to maintain balance and effectively move your energy in the right direction. For base running, try transferring all your energy from one leg to the other, as base stealers do when they begin taking off toward second base. Doing all these exercises will assist in strengthening your core.

Doing exercises which strength the core (which StrongBoard does constantly) will go a long way in core stabilization. Core muscles assist in spine stabilization, which supports better balance and improved overall performance. Trying to balance on StrongBoard will improve your coordination on the field, as it takes a greater effort to stay coordinated on StrongBoard.

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