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Blog Balance Board Workouts | Exercise Video

Balance Board Workouts | Exercise Video

pink StrongBoard Balance Board


This StrongBoard Balance board montage features a collection of some of our favorite exercises. It’s filmed over time, featuring group exercise classes, gym time, photo shoot excerpts, and people, children and dogs. They are having fun, sweating, pushing beyond their comfort zone, learning something new, burning calories, improving their balance, posture and proprioception and increasing their strength.

We elebrate diversity and equality in all life forms, and believe everyone, regardless of their fitness level can improve their quality of life by committing to emotional and physical health gains. We support and encourage awareness of the mind body connection and believe everyone has the right to be fit, while redefining what fit means to them. BALANCE is the key to radiant life energy, and with compassion for each other, and our planet, we can collectively achieve all goals.

Thank you to everyone who participated, and everyone who has joined our StrongBoard family. We love you!

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